Driven by sustainability


Driven by sustainability





As a consumer you are increasingly deliberately choosing honest products cultivated with respect for the population and the environment. And that is very understandable. MPS develops and manages certificates for this. These are certificates that show a supermarket or florist how sustainably a bunch flowers or tomatoes was cultivated. They also demonstrate how socially an organisation is organised. You then also provide a contribution to a better world yourself.

Laws and regulations

A certified product not only gives you clarity about the origin, it also ensures a better image for the horticultural sector. And this among consumers and at the government. MPS regularly provides the government with valuable information about the floriculuture, flower bulb, arboriculture and vegetable and fruit sectors. This allows laws and regulations to be effectively coordinated with each other.

Our future

Sustainable organisations are the future. Our future. It is particularly important to be able to put trust in your supplier where living products are involved. Growers with a certificate are pleased to make the difference for you, and together with MPS ensure greatly enhanced corporate social responsibility.

More information?

Products originating from a certified company can be recognised by the MPS vignette. Are you interested in which companies have obtained a MPS certificate? Click here for a summary.

MPS innovates, motivates, facilitates and makes sustainability more transparent and measurable