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Driven by sustainability




Water registration

The agricultural and horticultural sector is at present responsible for 70% of water consumption worldwide. Because clean water is becoming scarcer, it is important to be prepared for potential questions and negative publicity. Measuring the consumption of water per country and individual company through MPS results in more awareness, and we can compare performance over a number of years.


Water registration entails you registering the consumption of water in its totality. This applies for surface water, collected rainwater, groundwater and mains water. You can also register the quantity of re-used recirculated water and water discharged into the sewer or the surface water. Does your nursery have different locations? Or is indoor and outdoor cultivation separately registered? In this case you must also record the water consumption separately.


For registration we work with the already existing MPS-ACTRES registration codes.
- Code 21: Registration of the total quantity of water used on the crop.
- Code 23: Registration of the quantity of collected and re-used water.
- Code 22: Registration of the quantity of water discharged into the sewer or surface water.

No water meter?

Are you not in possession of water meters? You can then determine the water quantities based on operating hours and the pump capacity. Can you still not establish the water consumption? Or do you have any other questions? Contact our Service & Support department on telephone number 0174 - 615 715 or send an email to They will be pleased to help you.

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