Driven by sustainability


Driven by sustainability





Needless to say, when a company expands in square metres it also comes up against a broader standard for fertilisers and energy. Up to a number of years ago this was difficult to establish. MPS-OEX registration is the solution here.

Area Efficiency Index

MPS-OEX is the supplementary registration of data concerning lighting and other production-increasing measures such as fertilisers and CO2 dosage. When the Area Efficiency Index demonstrates the expected growth at the establishment, the standards for the use of fertilisers and energy can be adjusted upwards. MPS-OEX is only applicable to production under glass.

Obtaining MPS-A qualification

MPS-OEX not only ensures a greater understanding, it also makes is easier to obtain an MPS-A qualification. The points you achieve for the registration of fertilisers, CO2 and lighting also count in the calculation per environmental theme.

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