Driven by sustainability


Driven by sustainability





MPS has developed a calculation method for the calculation of all your qualifications with respect to crop protection - the MPS-Mind. This environmental indicator not only looks at the number of kilograms of active ingredient used, it also examines the risks to the population and the environment. In so doing environmental awareness is raised, and if possible one can go in search of a less risk-entailing product.

The risks set out

To visualise the risks to the population and the environment, MPS has divided the range of crop protection agents into the categories red, orange and green. Factors including the properties of the active ingredient and the extent of spreading in the environment determine the colour designated to the agent. Location factors and company characteristics also play a part. All companies are classified in environmental zones to include the influence of location factors in the assessment. In each environmental zone there are participants with comparable location factors. Accordingly, MPS can determine the environmental burden in a faithful manner.

Independent advice

MPS-Mind has been developed in cooperation with CLM, an independent knowledge and advisory service in the field of agriculture, food, nature and the environment. When assessing the crop protection agents, use is made of public and reliable sources such as the Pesticide Manual and the CTB.

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