Driven by sustainability


Driven by sustainability




MPS-ABC registration

With an MPS-ABC registration you show the market, government and society that you have respect for the environment. Registration also provides you with valuable information. This is information that, for example, can entail the standards for fertilisers and energy being adjusted.

Four qualifications


MPS-ABC registration proceeds as follows. MPS has designated various environmental subjects, being crop protection, fertilisers, energy and waste. You can collect points for each subject. These points are added up and result in four qualifications:

- Qualification A, between 70 and 110 points
- Qualification B, between 55 and 69.9 points
- Qualification C, between 10 and 54.9 points
- Qualification participant C, between 0 and 9.9 points

Have you continuously maintained your registration for thirteen periods or four quarters? Have you had initial company controls by our auditor? And achieved a total between 10 and 110 points? You are then awarded the MPS qualification A, B or C. You can also receive the qualification of 'participant'. You are already an MPS-ABC participant when you register a quarter, or after thirteen months of registration you have obtained between 0 and 9.9 points. Achieved results are sent to the auction and mentioned on the clock front. You can also distinguish yourself by displaying the general MPS trademark for producers on your packaging or website.

More information?

For more information or to request a quotation download the documents below. Besides registration do you also want to obtain the MPS-ABC certificate? See our certificates page.

Do you have any questions? Contact our Service & Support department on telephone number 0174 - 615 715. They will be pleased to help you.

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