Driven by sustainability


Driven by sustainability




GASA Group GmbH and MPS build towards a sustainable future

Germany is one of the Netherlands’ most important trading partners and is a huge growth market in terms of sustainability certification. Since 2010, MPS has been working together with GASA Group Germany GmbH from Kevelaar. Together, they are building towards a sustainable future that fits into the strategic development of both parties. GASA Germany is part of the international GASA Group, whose headquarters are located in Denmark, Odense. The GASA group is one of the largest plant dealers in Europe, with 400 employees and a number of international branches, including Germany.

As a trader, it is important for GASA to know and share sustainable developments in the market with breeders and growers on the one hand, and consumers on the other, in order to inform them about how sustainably their products were produced. Over the last few years, GASA has noticed that Scandinavian supermarkets, florists and/or garden centres in Central and South Europe in particular are looking for specific product knowledge in terms of sustainability within a closed supply chain. MPS-ABC fills this role: as a global sustainability standard, it measures and sheds light on how sustainably 'green' products are produced.

(Photo: Allegra Meyer-Piening (GASA) and Georg Münster)

GASA and MPS share another important strategy. They see themselves as organisations that aim to establish chain-wide connections between parties engaged in sustainable production and trade in sustainable products. Breeders, growers, retailers and consumers are all active and interconnected in this field.

The first concrete steps were taken this year surrounding IPM, the international plant trade fair in Essen. GASA and MPS were the joint organisers of an evening event themed around sustainability, which was attended by approximately 200 interested parties. Customers such as Blume 2000 and Intratuin shared their vision of sustainability with those present, which has yielded clear results. Since this event, a number of new German growers have started participating in MPS, including Georg Münster (see photo). This company had previously been Global GAP-certified, but chose to switch to MPS, indicating that MPS has more knowledge, information and better checks available, making MPS-ABC a more complete certification programme.

Heinz Wustmans, one of the first MPS suppliers to GASA, also believes that 'MPS-ABC is a credible and user-friendly certification programme with excellent checks in place’, and he appreciates the fact that ‘MPS is a market standard accepted all over the world.' Wustmans also mentions his personal relationship with MPS as contributing to a constructive collaboration.

For more information about MPS’ position in Germany, or to find out more about the cooperation between GASA and MPS in particular, please contact Remco Jansen, Email: Or call MPS Service & Support +31 174 615715.

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