Driven by sustainability


Driven by sustainability




Sustainable Trade Platform calls for grower certification
On 15 October, the Platform for Sustainable Trade in Bulbs and Perennials grower meeting took place. The importance of certification was a major focus of this meeting. More than 90 growers, traders and directly involved parties attended. Raymond Scheepens of MPS explained participation in MPS-ABC and MPS-GAP, among other things. SMK also gave a presentation, titled ‘On the way to PlanetProof’.

During the grower meeting, traders highlighted the importance of certification for the bulb sector. Fred Moolenaar of Moolenaar B.V. emphasised that certification is an absolute must for anyone wishing to continue supplying. However, he also feels that there should be a degree of intrinsic motivation involved. “We have a shared responsibility for the planet. The ambition must be embedded in organisations. And we must be united in demonstrating that to our clients.”


The unambiguous conclusion was that certification has become a basic requirement. “The most important thing is to start with the sustainability process,” said the traders. “By showing that efforts are being made, the sector can take the lead.” They called on growers to go for MPS-ABC at the very least. “This paves the way for a next step towards a tougher form of certification. Or for an immediate further step with MPS-GAP, for example.”

Raymond Scheepens: “In bulb cultivation too, it’s good to see that more attention is now being paid to sustainability and certification. MPS now has more than 225 MPS-ABC participants among the bulb growers; they represent an area of more than 8,100 hectares. This was just 2,000 hectares in 2008. So there’s clearly visible progress being made towards sustainability in this sector, and the Platform’s stated ambitions will only accelerate this process in the near future.”  
In the meantime, the first growers have registered for MPS-ABC certification as a result of the meeting.

For more information, please contact Raymond Scheepens on +31 (0)6 53 86 25 51 or via e-mail at

Presentation of draft MPS-ABC version during MPS Customer Panel
During the meeting of the MPS Customer Panel on 17 October in De Lier, the draft MPS-ABC 2019 scheme was presented to more than 75 growers. The main themes within MPS-ABC version 2019 include more intensive monitoring of admission, faster and more accurate registration, and the closing of the entire chain. The reliability of participants will also play an important role in the frequency of audits and sampling, and the sanctions policy will be tightened up. In addition to the presentation, there was enough opportunity for discussion. 
The comments and suggestions will be considered in the further development of the MPS-ABC scheme. In the end, the growers present were mostly in agreement with the statement that the proposed changes would be an improvement to the MPS-ABC scheme, and that a number of ambitions could even be further refined. This coming Monday, participants on the MPS Customer Panel will receive the report from this meeting; if you would like to receive a summary of the report, please contact Eveline van Hooren on +31(0)174 615 715 or via e-mail at
First Zero Discharge certificates issued by MPS-ECAS
The MPS Water Purification certification scheme has been in effect since 1 October 2017. This includes requirements for companies with a treatment plant, and is based on the Statutory Usage Regulations (Wettelijk Gebruiksvoorschrift, WG) for products containing imidacloprid. This WG now includes a certification requirement for companies that do not discharge, known as the Zero Discharge certification.

Entrepreneurs and enforcers needed clarity about situations in which no residual water is discharged. The aim was to create clarity for greenhouse cultivation entrepreneurs about the evidence necessary to demonstrate Zero Discharge by the company, and which method a supervisor could use to test this.

The first two Zero Discharge certificates were awarded on 24 October to Wim-Jan Paauw of Paauw Lilies, and Robert Zuyderwijk of P. van der Haak Handelskwekerij.

Wim-Jan Paauw: “We have worked hard to obtain this certificate because we are proud of being able to meet the Zero Discharge requirements; we have invested a great deal into achieving this. We also feel positive about the fact that we can demonstrate in a transparent way through this certificate that we are serious about dealing with sustainability and regulations.”
P. van der Haak Handelskwekerij (specialised in parent stock for geraniums) had already taken Zero Discharge into consideration during the construction of their new site in 2016. “Along with MPS-ABC and MPS-ProductProof, the Zero Discharge certificate is a perfect addition to our list. The Zero Discharge certification enables us to demonstrate to the government, market and other stakeholders that we have emission-free water flows within our company.
We reuse all of our water; fertilisers and plant protection products never end up in the environment. The Zero Discharge certification aligns perfectly with our core values and sustainability strategy, through which we are taking demonstrable steps towards making our production more sustainable,” said Zuyderwijk.
For more information, please contact MPS Service & Support on +31(0)174 615 715 or via e-mail at

The MPS-vignet
The uniform MPS vignette was introduced on 23 August 2017. This vignette replaced a multitude of MPS vignettes and logos that had been used in the flowers & ornamentals sector up to that time. Together with the interactive platform followyourflowerorplant, the uniform MPS vignette contributes to uniform working methods and product labelling for products by MPS-certified companies, as well as offering transparency to consumers.

You can continue to use the old vignettes until the end of this year. Starting from 1 January 2019, the old vignettes of the certificates in question may no longer be used on materials such as packaging, plant markers, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact the MPS Service & Support team in The Netherlands at:

T. +31 174 615700

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