Driven by sustainability


Driven by sustainability



MPS standard within the FSI project

In early 2017, MPS started the FSI project Chain Transparency 2.0 in cooperation with partners from the entire chain. It is FSI’s objective to ensure that 90% of all products are traded and purchased in a sustainable way by its members in 2020. Within this project, which sees MPS collaborating with Dümmen Orange, Anthura, Floricultura and a number of growers, Miltonia, Dendrobrium, potted Phalaenopsis, potted Anthurium, cut Chrysanthemum, Kalanchoe and Lavender were followed from cutting to finished product. For the last of these products, Van der Salm Lavendel joined the project on 1 January.


The project aims at mapping product use and product residue in various links of the chain, whilst exploring opportunities for improvement. This contributes to making the sector more and more sustainable, which is in line with the MPS mission. The project’s initial results were recently discussed with participating parties, and although it’s too early to draw any conclusions, it is striking that residue found on cuttings was no longer found on the finished product. In this context, the use of (illegal) substances was also discussed, as using illegal plant protection products is unacceptable and damages the sector’s reputation. All links in the chain will have to pay even more attention to developing awareness, responsible product use, transparency and communication.

The participating trade parties believe MPS-ABC and the MPS-ProductProof @-on are the most suitable certificates for increasing transparency and communication in the chain, as well as making responsible product use more transparent. That’s why a number of trade parties have indicated their willingness to promote these certificates among their suppliers. For more information about the FSI project, please visit the MPS website. If you have any questions, please contact Harold Beek:


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