Driven by sustainability


Driven by sustainability




MPS innovates, MOTIVATES and facilitates

Based on MPS’s ambitions to make sustainability transparent and measurable together with the sector, MPS acts as a facilitating, innovative and motivational organisation. Even in the case of sustainability, it starts by motivating people. How do we do that? Among other things, by holding presentations for a range of target groups.

MPS motiveert

In these presentations, MPS provides information about the latest developments in the field of sustainability in the flowers and ornamentals industry. Sustainability is not an isolated phenomenon and actually contributes to a greater goal, because the horticulture sector works with respect for humans, nature and the environment. Together with the sector, MPS is working on realising the 17 sustainable development goals of the UN. Backed up by facts & figures that elicit interaction, MPS motivates listeners to start working with sustainability in a concrete way, based on that vision.

On 29 March, Raymond Scheepens held a presentation at the Floral Trade Group, which is a family business consisting of a number of companies in the Rijnsburg region. The presentation covered subjects such as developments in the market, products, services, and the added value of MPS with respect to sustainability for the Floral Trade Group. Given the level of knowledge and knowhow of the audience, an interesting and constructive dialogue developed with plenty of enthusiastic contributions from both sides – that is, from both the participants and the presenter. Sustainability is a subject that affects both the heart and the brain.

Are you also curious about developments in the field of sustainability, opportunities in the market, or would you like to know where you stand as a group in terms of sustainability? Then contact MPS, Raymond Scheepens, email:, telephone +31 (0) 6-53 86 25 51. Depending on your ambitions, Raymond will help you become more sustainable so that you can make an important contribution to global sustainability, together with the horticulture sector.



MPS innovates, motivates, facilitates and makes sustainability more transparent and measurable