Driven by sustainability


Driven by sustainability




MPS Group focuses on innovation and reorganises duties
MPS-ECAS director steps down

jacqueswolbertAs of 1 April 2018, Jacques Wolbert will step down from his position as director of MPS-ECAS. In consultation with and with approval from the MPS board, he has decided to resign from his post. Last year, he led a reorganisation of duties and processes within MPS-ECAS, which saw the ECAS organisation adopt a more lean and mean organisational structure as an independent part of the MPS Group. As a result of this reorganisation, his duties as MPS-ECAS director no longer met Jacques Wolbert’s personal ambitions. MPS would like to thank him for the more than 22 years that he has been active for the MPS-Group of which 7 years as he spent leading MPS-ECAS as a professional certification institute.

Passionate about sustainability
ecasMPS Group aims to facilitate horticultural businesses in their ambitions to work in a climate-neutral way, with respect for mankind and nature. MPS Group offers a total package that enables customers to make quality and sustainability quantifiable and transparent. For this purpose, MPS has developed advanced automated tools and innovative certification programmes. As part of the group, MPS-ECAS conducts independent audits and awards certificates which are relevant to the horticultural sector to all links in the chain. By proactively sharing sector knowledge, encouraging and advising entrepreneurs, and connecting parties, MPS helps to accelerate the sustainable ideas and actions of horticultural entrepreneurs. This enables the horticultural sector to contribute actively to a better world and to make people happier and healthier.

Anticipating a changing world
Market circumstances, new production methods and insights change rapidly throughout the horticultural chain. Though it used to be relatively calm sector, horticulture, and the flowers and ornamentals sector in particular, has now become a dynamic sector that’s under great scrutiny with regard to its production methods. MPS is a dynamic organisation that knows the sector and is deeply involved with it, whilst constantly seeking to implement change itself.
One of these changes was the reorganisation of duties and responsibilities within MPS-ECAS. In addition, MPS wants to invest more in innovation, focusing on digital developments that support the certification and auditing process. To ensure that the horticultural sector retains its leading position, considerable investments in IT are required in online and real-time safeguarding, monitoring and sampling methods.
The MPS Group also subjects its products and services to critical examination in order to improve its accessibility for customers, raising the service offer to a higher level. We are reviewing internal processes, enabling the back-office to gain speed as well. The focus lies on sharing knowledge proactively in service of the sector.

The independent position of MPS-ECAS
As of 1 April, Jacques Wolbert’s duties as director of MPS-ECAS will temporarily be assumed by Yolande van den Boom, CEO of the MPS Group. The continued independence of ECAS as a certification institute will be guaranteed due to the fact that the MPS-ECAS Management team is in charge of its day-to-day operations, which means that they will remain responsible for the actual certification process.

More information
Yolande van den Boom will act as the spokesperson for the MPS Group.
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