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Driven by sustainability




MPS customer portal innovation

In line with its ambitions in the field of innovation, MPS is working on the further digitisation of the process of certifying, auditing and facilitating the availability of data. Early this month, an important step was taken in this area with the introduction of a fully redesigned customer portal for trade & retail. This release includes the requirements of traders so that the customer portal is geared to what customers regard as important.


In the redesign of the retail portal, the ‘general search function’ and the ‘My Favorites’ lists were merged. The detailed maps of growers were also redesigned so that more information can be displayed. Moreover, a number of functions were added so that, based on a customisation concept, customers can configure their own screens or record data.

The main new functions include:

● Addition of certificates (to keep the non-MPS certificates of growers up to date)
● Addition of ‘own’ growers (to add ‘non-MPS growers’, for example)
● Management of the way columns are displayed
● Possibility for users to upload appendices and save them for each grower

Among other things, these new functionalities ensure that the certificates can be kept up to date and monitored in the context of FSI 2020. If you have any questions, contact MPS Service & Support: email address:




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