Driven by sustainability


Driven by sustainability




MPS-certification and PlanetProof

MPS is passionate about sustainability and facilitates breeders and growers in making their products more sustainable. For this purpose, MPS has various tools and a range of certificates for example MPS-ABC. With the help of MPS-ProductProof, breeders and growers can show which products they don’t use, and MPS-Socially Qualified focuses on social aspects. This complete package makes it possible to make sustainable development transparent and quantifiable throughout the entire chain. Based on its one-stop-shop model, MPS doesn’t just develop, manage, and innovate the certification programmes, but also carries out the audits with MPS-ECAS, the independent certification institute within the MPS Group.

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The key strength of MPS is that it knows the sector and is deeply connected to it. For over 25 years, MPS has been active throughout the entire horticultural chain, with a significant market share in the international flowers and ornamentals sector. This translates into great strength and self awareness, and that exactly is the approach MPS takes when it comes to other innovative certificates that enter the market, always focusing on ways to connect and cooperate. MPS certificates are based on standards that are supported by growers, traders and retailers and that were drawn up by and in consultation with the sector.

MPS-ECAS collaborates with Stichting Milieukeur (SMK), ECAS also performs audits on behalf of third parties, including SMK. The requirements set by PlanetProof (until 1 March 2018, Milieukeur programme) overlap with the requirements set by MPS-ABC and MPS-GAP. This means that the auditing and sampling process for PlanetProof can easily be combined with MPS-ABC and/or MPS-GAP audits, creating synergies in terms of registration, calculations, and costs.

MPS certification (MPS-ABC and/or MPS-GAP) can be combined with PlanetProof quickly and easily for relatively lower costs, in order to meet the requirements set by various market parties in the fruit and vegetable sector and the flowers and ornamentals sector. This link adds value to PlanetProof, allowing it to positively influence sustainable development across the sector. MPS greatly appreciates broad sustainability initiatives, as they contribute to facilitating horticultural entrepreneurs worldwide in their ambition to become more sustainable. MPS is convinced that its range of products and services is of added value and supports horticultural entrepreneurs in realising their ambitions.


MPS innovates, motivates, facilitates and makes sustainability more transparent and measurable