Driven by sustainability


Driven by sustainability




MPS-HCS’s activities transferred to DLVge on 1 June


On the way to a more ‘lean and mean’ organisation, over the past few months MPS has spoken about the activities of MPS-HCS as part of the MPS Group. MPS-HCS supports, guides, and trains breeders and growers that are working to achieve certification, such as MPS and ISO certification and other sustainability certificates. Besides giving advice and organising workshops and training courses, the online tool My Digital Handbook (Mijn Digitale Handboek) is also an important resource for breeders and growers.

However, MPS-HCS’s advisory tasks can conflict with MPS’s work as the owner of certification schemes and MPS-ECAS as an independent certification body. After all, MPS-HCS’s work is assessed by MPS-ECAS auditors, and there is a risk of a conflict of interest. However, MPS-HCS’s activities are very compatible with the ‘one-stop-service’ concept that the MPS Group wants to offer its customers so that it can provide maximum added value when facilitating sustainability in the sector.

In light of the above considerations, it was decided to transfer MPS-HCS’s activities to a preferred supplier from 1 June 2018. In the coming weeks, the advisory tasks will be transferred to DLVge, Greenhouse Consultancy, Horti House, Violierenweg 3, 2665 MV, Bleiswijk ( DLVge is an established firm with a wealth of experience in greenhouse horticulture consulting, both nationally and internationally. Customers can continue to rely on the trusted quality and services to which they are accustomed. Continuity and quality guaranteed! In addition, MPS Commerce & Support remains responsible as the first point of contact for breeders and growers who want to become certified or take the next step on the road to sustainability. My Digital Handbook will also remain available as one of the products and services offered by MPS. If you have any questions, please contact Niek Nielen, MPS Commercial Manager, at e-mail:


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