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Driven by sustainability




Farming without chemicals - how?

Foodlog held its first conference at the end of March. The conference theme was: ‘Farming without chemicals - how?’. Koppert Biological Systems in Berkel and Rodenrijs hosted the 150 participants. MPS was represented by Harold Beek, who is in charge of MPS Management and the development of certification schemes. During the conference, twelve experts spoke about the future of sustainable agriculture and horticulture.

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They focused on three main questions: ‘How can we significantly reduce the environmental impact of agriculture and horticulture?’, ‘How can we accelerate the registration of new biological agents for use in this sector?’ and ‘How can we identify commercial opportunities for growers that use sustainable cultivation methods?’. All of this requires an integral approach by growers, retailers, NGOs and government organisations. Better communication in the chain is essential, including communication with the end consumer.

MPS focuses on all of these issues as well. In order to calculate qualifications for crop protection, MPS has developed an innovative calculation method: MPS-MIND. Besides the number of kilos of active substance being used, this environmental indicator also looks at the potential risks for humans and the environment. It’s not just the properties of the active substance and the degree of distribution in the environment that determine the risk, but also the environmental factors and operating features. In addition, MPS is working on making the origin of products purchased by consumers transparent. The platform helps breeders to show consumers how sustainably their products are cultivated. Consumers are now too far removed from how not only their food, but also flowers and plants, are cultivated. Horticulture needs to be made more transparent and MPS’s products and services can help achieve this.

Foodlog wants to turn this conference into an annual event so that it can help speed up changes in the sector. This is consistent with the mission of the MPS-Group to help horticulture businesses around the world to achieve their ambition of working in an environmentally neutral way with respect for humans and nature, and possibly to even add natural value in the future. If you have any questions, contact Harold Beek, email address:



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