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MPS Group label

If you work together with other growers in a growers’ association or cooperative, the MPS Group label might be an interesting opportunity for you. This method allows groups of companies to adopt a uniform status, indicated by a label. This allows you to build a strong profile and spread a unified message The MPS Group label applies to MPS-ABC, MPS-GAP, MPS-SQ and MPS Quality. When all individual members of a group possess the same certificate, the group will be granted the associated MPS Group label.

Together and individual

The guidelines for the MPS Group label assessment are specified in the guideline document (see Appendix below). As MPS-ABC is an environmental score, the guidelines for the assessment of this certificate are more extensive than those for other MPS Certificates. For all other MPS certificates, the MPS Group label will be granted when all individual members of a group possess a certain certificate. The MPS-ABC Group label is determined, generally speaking, by the lowest MPS-ABC score in the group. A big advantage of the group label is that we can grant an MPS-A+ Group label to the group in the case that all individual members score MPS-A+. The guidelines also specify certain tasks for the group owner, the point of contact for the growers’ association or cooperative with regard to the MPS Group label. MPS will only charge a single fee for participating in the MPS Group label, which means that MPS will not charge your group extra for any MPS-GAP or MPS-SQ certificates obtained in addition to the MPS-ABC certificate.


- Uniform working method within group
- Strong profile due to shared MPS Label or Labels
- Individual MPS certificates remain active
- Single price, regardless of number of MPS labels

More information?

For more information, you can download the following documents. If you would like a quotation, or would like to find out more about the possibilities of the MPS-ABC group qualification, please contact the Service & Support department at +31 174- 615 715.

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