Driven by sustainability


Driven by sustainability





Auctions are an important part of the floriculture chain at home and abroad. It is the ultimate market place where supply and demand converge. MPS strives for more sustainability along the whole chain, so has developed a certificate for auctions.

MPS-Florimark Auction

Besides an MPS-Florimark label for growers and traders, a label has also been specially developed for auctions. This is the certificate for sustainability with the combination of environmental, quality and social requirements. It consists of two modular certificates:


- Specifically developed for auctions
- Affiliation with MPS-Florimark Production and MPS-Florimark Auction
- Enhanced image among auctions
- Optimisation of business processes
- Reliable product information available

More information?

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- Application form
- Certification scheme
- Certifying organisations

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