Driven by sustainability


Driven by sustainability





MPS is known for the registration and certification of products and growers. But more is required to be able to guarantee the consumer a sustainable product. This is why ever-increasing numbers of trading companies are assuming their responsibilities and also choosing an MPS certificate.

Traceable product

MPS has developed special certificates for trading companies in the floriculture sector. You have a choice between a certificate for sustainability, traceability or, for example, one specifically developed for road carriers. You can find an overview of our certificates for the trade below:

MPS-Florimark Trade
This is the label for sustainability with the combination of environmental, quality and social aspects.

MPS-Florimark TraceCert
The certificate for the traceability of flowers and plants. Also suitable for the Fair Flowers Fair Plants label (FFP).

MPS-Florimark GTP
The certificate for the traceability of flowers and plants. You then suffice with regard to all environmental, quality and social requirements.

MPS-Florimark GTP floral distributors
The Florimark GTP certificate specially developed for road carriers.

Certificate specially developed for sorting and packing stations.

MPS-Florimark Auction
The certificate of sustainability specially developed for auctions. Makes requirements in the field of the environment, quality and social aspects.

This is basically equivalent to the MPS-Florimark GTP certificate but has been specially developed for auctions.

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