Driven by sustainability


Driven by sustainability




MPS-Socially Qualified (MPS-SQ)

Good working conditions are an important concern to many traders and consumers. People are being increasingly critical about cultivation methods and the origin of the product. So choose the MPS Socially Qualified certificate. And certainly now international supermarket chains are more often focusing on the social aspects of your operations besides environmental requirements.

International code of conduct

When your company meets the (inter)national requirements in the field of health and safety, you have a head start over other suppliers. The MPS-SQ certificate is based on universal human rights and the codes of conduct of representative local organisations. The agreements of the ILO (International Labour Organization) are also included. In practice this means among other things that you have a good understanding of which personnel have a valid spraying permit, or who are trained in-house emergency and first-aid staff. You also have an up-to-date stock list of crop protection agents and fertilisers that are controlled during audits at the company.


- Satisfies (social) requirements of the retail channel
- Responds to social demand for socially responsible products
- Practically equal to the ETI label
- Reinforcement of the corporate image in the floriculture sector

More information?

For more information you can download the documents below. Would you like to receive a quotation? Go to the MPS-ECAS website. Do you have any questions? Contact our Service & Support department on telephone number 0174 - 615 715. They will be pleased to help you.

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