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MPS-Natural Protected

MPS-Natural Protected (NP) is a combination between MPS-ABC and MPS-ProductProof (PP). The MPS-NP certificate is the highest level a grower can achieve within MPS-PP. MPS-ProductProof has the main goal to make the usage of active ingredients of crop protection agents transparent. The record keeping and sampling prove that the active ingredients used are allowed in biological production. Growers participating in MPS-ProductProof and who are capable in growing according to the requirements of NP will be awarded with the MPS-Natural Protected certificate.

To achieve the MPS-NP certificate you need to:
• Have at least MPS-A
• Be a participant and fulfill the requirements of MPS-ProductProof
• You are only allowed to use crop protection agents allowed in biological production (appendix A of the certification scheme)
• Only permitted products may be used for the cleaning and disinfection of buildings and installations (appendix B of the certification scheme)

Certification scheme MPS-Natural Protected
Instructions for use of the MPS vignette

If you are interested in the MPS-Natural Protected certificate you need to apply separately. You can do this by filling in the application form and send it to

Not yet MPS-ABC member? Please apply for MPS-ABC.
Not yet MPS-ProductProof participant? Please request a MPS-ProductProof quotation.


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