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MPS-A Natural Protected

'The EKO variant in the MPS-peloton'

Since 2015 MPS-A+ has been leading in the MPS-ABC peloton. They are the front runners in sustainability. Per January 1st 2016 a new player has been added to this peloton, namely: MPS-A Natural Protected, the EKO variant in the peloton. MPS-A Natural Protected is an MPS-A or MPS-A+ qualification combined with crop protection agents which are only allowed in the EKO cultivation (SKAL List).

Which agents are listed?

You can think of nitric acid (for cleaning the dripping system in greenhouses), vegetable oils (insecticids / fungicides) and pheromones (lure).

When the MPS-A+ qualification is achieved in combination with the crop protection agents allowed in the EKO cultivation you will achieve the MPS-A+ Natural Protected status.

Certification scheme MPS-A Natural Protected

Instructions for use for the MPS vignette

If you are interested please send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., call us +31 174 615 715 or your local co-ordinator.