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Certified Companies

banner engWhen a company complies with all criteria in the certification scheme, it will be granted the certificate, thus making it a certified company. From that moment on, the vignette may be used on packaging and other company products.


To get insight in the certified producing companies, please find the following validation tool. It allows you to check realtime if a company is certified and for which certificates. It works as follows: in the field below enter a MPS-number or company name and then press the ENTER key.



To gain insight into certified production companies, you can also enter the unique MPS number indicated on the MPS vignette on the website Here, you can discover which grower produced the flowers or plants in question and find out how sustainably they were produced.

MPS Group label

The MPS Group label allows groups of companies (growers’ associations and cooperatives, for example) to adopt a uniform status, indicated by a label.

Certified groups

Parental material / breeders

Of course you would like to know from which producers you can buy certified parental material. Therefore we have produced a list of producers who grows certified parental material according to our systems.

Certified Parental Material Suppliers

An overview of current certified traders can be found here: Certified trade companies  
The companies are ordered by certificate.

To perform detailed searches, save favourites or view multiple companies at once, you can apply to be an MPS affiliate member to gain access to the Trade Portal. For more information, please contact Raymond Scheepens at +31 174 615 715.