Driven by sustainability


Driven by sustainability





Executive Board

In July 2016, Mrs. Yolande van den Boom was appointed as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the MPS Group. The day-to-day management of the MPS Group is conducted by Mrs. Van den Boom (CEO MPS Group) and Mr. Harold Beek (Deputy Director MPS).

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of six members, representing the main stakeholders of the MPS Group. Moreover, Mrs. Y. van den Boom (CEO MPS Group) is member of the Board of Directors with voting right.

The key objective of the MPS Group is to develop and stimulate sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship (CSR) in the horticulture sector and strengthen the sector’s image world-wide. The Board of Directors endorses the company’s policy and strategy and safeguards the business continuity.

In order to achieve the goals of the MPS Group, MPS has developed tools and labels for:

  • Registration
  • Certification
  • and other sevices

These tools and labels align with market requirements on environmental and social aspects and quality systems. The independent Dutch Accreditation Council oversees MPS-ECAS' activities, in the capacity of official accredited agency. Expertise and independence are the most important parameters in this regard.

Members of the Board of Directors are:

  • Mr. G. Kok (Chairman)
  • Mr. S. Miltenburg (Royal Flora Holland, market place for producers and trade)
  • Mr. R. Paauwe (LTO Glaskracht Netherlands, representing producers)
  • Mr. M. Mesken (VGB, representing trade and retail)
  • Mr. N. Koomen (independent member appointed because of specific knowledge, skills and / or network)
  • J. Roelofs (independent member appointed because of specific knowledge, skills and / or network)

Mrs. Y. van den Boom (CEO MPS Group) is also member of the Board of Directors with voting right.

Council of Interested Parties

The Council of Interested Parties (CIP) is the advisory body of the Board of Directors with regard to the content of MPS’ certification schemes. The decisions taken by the CIP are ratified by the Board of Directors.

The CIP has a say in the development of, and the management, policy and requirements related to the content and operations of the MPS schemes. This is understood to be: all activities that have an impact on the certification and reliability of the MPS schemes (defining

requirements and their interpretation (Audit Manual, Conflict of Interest, CI requirements, sanctions policy). The CIP also creates support for the acceptance of certification schemes amongst important stakeholders.

The members of the CIP are:

  • Mr. G. Franke (VBN) (sales, Chariman)
  • Mr. G. Meis (LTO Noord Glaskracht) (floriculture and vegetables)
  • Mr. J. van Ruiten (Naktuinbouw) (parental material floriculture and vegetables)
  • Mr. J. Nienhuis (Nienhuis) (research)J. Brandenburg (Trade Union, social issues)
  • Mr. G. Kuneman (CLM Research and Advice) (environment)
  • Mr. L. Oprel (Ministry of Economic Affairs)
  • Vacancy (LTO Vakgroep Bomen en Vaste planten)
  • Vacancy (retail)
  • Vacancy (trade)


Council of Experts

It is vital for MPS-ECAS to act in an independent, objective and impartial way. Therefore, MPS-ECAS established the Council of Experts (CE). The members of the CE safeguard and monitor this way of working.
More information on the Council of Experts is available here

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