Driven by sustainability


Driven by sustainability





MPS was launched in 1993 as the start of 'Milieu Project Sierteelt' in the Westland region. Different working parties consisting of growers, information officials and researchers together laid the basis for the current MPS system. Establishing the standards in a certification scheme per crop meant the environmental impact could be reduced, while the floriculture sector worked on a more positive image.

MPS obtains national coverage

The great commitment of growers was shown by MPS obtaining national coverage in February 1995. All Dutch flower auctions, LTO Nederland and LTO Glastuinbouw have subscribed to the association. The number of subscriptions of growers from outside the Westland also immediately increased. In January 2007 MPS merged with ECAS B.V., an organisation specialised in the certification of companies in the potato, vegetable and fruit sector.


With the establishment of MPS the first step was taken in the floriculture sector towards more market-orientation and corporate social responsibility. This evolution is still in progress today. Supermarkets are becoming increasingly aware of the risks inherent to selling flowers and plants. Buyers prefer to use certified companies, and expect openness about the origin of the product.

Certification makes the difference

The business owner soon observes that he could make the difference with a certificate. This is why besides an eco-label since 1997 MPS has been offering supplementary certificates with the focus on quality care and the social aspect at the company. The association has also itself started certifying companies. These are activities subsequently coming under the auspices of MPS-ECAS.

Now, MPS is operating in more than 44 countries, with approximately 4,000 participating entrepreneurs.

MPS innovates, motivates, facilitates and makes sustainability more transparent and measurable