MPS: More Profitable Sustainability

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Executive Board

Yolande van den Boom has been CEO of MPS since 2016.
The daily management is in the hands of Yolande van den Boom (general management), Jacques Walter (Director MPS-ECAS) and Harold Brook (Deputy Director).

Board of Directors

The MPS Foundation's executive team consists of seven individuals. Executive management's main purpose is to develop and stimulate sustainable and socially responsible enterprise (CSR) within the sector, in order to improve the horticultural industry's image. Instruments / labels are developed for this purpose, in the area of:

  • registration
  • certification
  • and other sevices

These instruments / labels are tailored to market practices for environmental standards, employment- and social conditions, and quality systems. The independent Dutch Accreditation Council oversees MPS' activities, in the capacity of official accredited agency. Expertise and independence are the most important parameters in this regard.

The managament members are:

  • G. Ravensbergen (independent Chairman)
  • G. Kok en F. Olthof (FloraHolland)
  • Vacancy (LTO Glaskracht)
  • N. Koomen (independent member / parent material)
  • J. Roelofs (independent member / international)
  • R. Roodenburg (VGB / trade)

The Chief Executive Officer of MPS, Mr Th. de Groot, participates in the management meetings, but holds no voting right.

Council of Interested Parties

The Council of Interested Parties (CIP) is the advisory body to the executive management team of MPS.
It provides advice for the development of policy, the content-based requirements, and the functioning and the guarantee of the reliability of the certification schemes (through audits). It also supports the creation of public support for the acceptance of certification schemes.

The primary purpose of the CIP is to support the functioning of the certification schemes, and to guarantee the independence, objectiveness and impartiality.
For this purpose, all involved parties (interested parties) in the chain of floricultural products and certification are represented in the CIP, where possible.

The members of the council are:

  • G. Franke (VBN) (sales, Chariman)
  • A. Saverwyns (Saverwyns) (foreign countries)
  • G. Meis (LTONoordGlaskracht) (floriculture and vegetables)
  • B.W. Knol (LTO Vakgroep Bomen en Vaste planten)
  • J. van Ruiten (Naktuinbouw) (parental material)
  • Vacancy (trade)
  • Vacancy (retail/retail trade)
  • J. Nienhuis (Nienhuis) (research)
  • L. Oprel (LNV – DAK)
  • Vacancy (environmental)


Council of Experts

It is vital for MPS to be able to do its work in a manner that is independent, objective and impartial. MPS-ECAS established the Council of Experts (CE) in order to achieve and monitor this.
More information on this council is available here