Driven by sustainability


Driven by sustainability




Method of operation

Growers are having to comply with an increasing number of government regulations. This often causes an administrative rigmarole. MPS uses the one-stop concept. At MPS you are in the right spot for all your official registration formalities required to obtain a certificate.

Smooth procedure

Accordingly, at MPS you only have to submit you consumption data once so we can send it on to the various administrations. And because environmental services and waterboards are familiar with our working method for registration, the request for environmental registration can take place quickly and smoothly.

Uniform method of operation

MPS not only helps you when obtaining your certificate. The association also ensures that sustainability becomes interwoven throughout the whole horticultural sector. This means your certificate is given greater value. The (intermediary) trader, the retail channel and even florists can also call upon MPS. There are indeed certificates for each link in the chain. The certificates dovetail with each other nicely making the method of operation uniform. This also applies for the more than 55 countries in which MPS is operating. The coordinators in each country are close to the market and accordingly remain aware of the latest developments.

Working on the image

The horticultural sector has already been working on its image from a sustainability perspective for years. MPS also feels a sense of responsibility here, and relieves the concerns of companies on the way to yet more sustainable operations. And as an association, making a profit for MPS is of secondary importance.

MPS innovates, motivates, facilitates and makes sustainability more transparent and measurable