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Are you 'waterproof'?

Working towards 2040, the (greenhouse) horticulture sector is striving to have closed the watercycle by 2027, which means that companies will reuse as much of their water as possible and purify all water that needs to be drained nonetheless. This clear animation (in Dutch) will explain the potential consequences for surface water in just a minute of your time. In order to achieve this, there will have to be close cooperation between the government and businesses.

waterproof groot

The Dutch (greenhouse) horticulture sector is the most water-efficient sector of its kind worldwide, which has already led to considerable improvements in terms of surface water quality. To achieve the ambitions set for 2027, however, there are still a number of steps that need to be taken. To support this, LTO Glaskracht has set up the Glastuinbouw Waterproof (Waterproof Greenhouse Horticulture) project, as well as recently publishing a vision document on Water with tips for breeders and growers who want to get started, among other things.

Last year, LTO-Glaskracht introduced a new water purification certificate together with MPS. This certification programme was expanded over the past month, which means that soon it will incorporate all the latest available information again. Breeders and growers can use this programme to help them comply with the usage regulations for plant protection products based on imidacloprid.

If you want to kick off the procedure towards MPS Water purification certification, please send an e-mail to You can find more information on the MPS website and if you have any questions, you can contact Mark van Erp, MPS-ECAS, directly by sending an e-mail to Mark van Erp, MPS-ECAS,


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